Sherpa School Bamti



School – a Chance for the Children


Our school is located about 200 km east of Kathmandu in the highlands at 2400 m altitude, near the old Everest treks.

In Nepal, the school system refuses to to the English. That means a preschool with classes Nursery, Lower and Upper Kindergarden and school classes 1 to 5. It ends with the Primary Graduation. The Nepalese government plans to extend compulsory education up to three years. Then ends with the Secondary Graduation. In each class there are not more than 25 children in the age between 5 and 17 years. We make sure that each class is visited by same number of girls as boys. We only accept children from families who are not able to pay the state’s school fees.

As a rule, reaching a broad social spread, only one child per family is taken . These pupils often carry her knowledge into the families.

Classes start at 10 a.m., as most children are still working before in their families or they have a two hour way to school. Since the school day ends by 4 p.m., each student is provieded with a hot lunch.

After completion of the school education, we do offer the opportunity to young people to acquire professional practical knowledge and skills in one of our workshops:
tailoring, carpentry or gardening. The most gifted we give the opportunity visiting secondary schools.