The workshops – Aftercare for high school graduates!


A major problem is the transition of our graduates into professional life

The Highlands offers little job opportunities other than working in agriculture or as a carrier. Many of our students say However, if they have learned to read, write and count, that they would be able to earn the big bucks in Kathmandu. Often, however, they end up as unemployed in the slums of the big city.

Given this situation, the desire to allow students in their home was a career alternative. We initially decided with the girls for training in dressmaking, in the boys as a carpenter and taught workshops corresponding with a trainers. This offer has
now expanded to a nursery. After several years of teaching for trades in Nepal is not common and, moreover, the carpentry and tailoring is lower castes reserved, initially sparked our offer in students anything but enthusiasm from. Meanwhile, the interest has increased considerably. In addition to Ausbidungsmöglichkeiten for youth workshops offer more great benefits for the school. In the joinery used furniture for classrooms and boarding are made urgently. In the tailoring parts of the prescribed school uniform stitches. With the newly built greenhouses on the school grounds, the supply is enhanced with vitamin-rich and a varied diet throughout the year. All this helps us cut costs. For the future it is planned that the most successful graduates of these potential vocational training get paid at the end to help launch their own business either a sewing machine or a carpenter basic equipment.