Disabled Children

The Care of disabled Children


Since many employees of our German group do work with physical and multiple disabled children we also take care of those children in the project

Many of the parents come with their children from far away and ask for help.

Meanwhile, we have connection to many hospitals in the country. Often our children get even free surgery. However, the transport to the valley is quite difficult.

Injuries with major wounds, fractures and internal injuries are not to be treated on site by a physician. Often we encounter children whose broken limbs have grown together incorrectly. Just as people who suffer from a real treatable disease for many years.

We administer drugs, finance and organize the transport  to special clinics. Sometimes we even finance vital operations.

– The provision of auxiliary means, a wheelchair or orthopaedic shoes e.g.

–  Parents are taught an improved handling in  everyday life by regarding physiotherapy exercises

– We enable and mediate operations in special hospitals in Kathmandu, Sankhu or Banepa