Power Supply

Power Supply – an own Infrastructure is necessary


Large areas of Nepal still have no power

Even power exists, it works only by  hour, mainly in the larger cities. After some years without power, we decided to provide Sherpa School with an  own power supply. Mr. Bernd Zäh, a hydraulic engineer and member of our organization team, made an examination of the conditions and the ground.  Than he drew up the plans for a tender. A Nepalese construction company carried out the work. We could inaugurate  our own power plant with an average power of 3 kW in 2003. This performance sufficed to illuminate our school, the boarding schools and auxiliary buildings.

Cooking on wood fire for 260 students plus staff caused  huge expenses. An increasing  deforestation causes Erosion and landslides. Preparing food on an electrik cooker requires greater amounts of power which couldn’t be provided by our small power plant. For this reason we built a stronger power plant which doubles the amount of power. The children’s charity of Kath. Church in Aachen has kindly taken over the whole bulk of  financing.

Even solar energy is already being used. Solar panels on the roof of the shower house produce hot water. Cooking with solar panel screens proved as not practicable.

The new power plant helps to achieve our long term goal:
getting independent from timber and  avoiding further deforestation.