German Team

The Project Team – Who is Who


Such a project can only succeed if

–  many hands deal with

– all heads do smoke and make thoughts about the Project

–  it is  carried in many hearts

We all work as volunteers and are open to anyone , who wants to be actively involved  in our work.

Here we are:


Jutta Schaut – Project Manager


As Project Manager, I am responsible for the whole organisation, management and the realisation of talks and other events in Germany. When I’m present in Nepal, I take care especially of the sponsorship administration, teacher training, cooperation with organisations and hospitals in Nepal.

After a Nepal stay in August 2000 I’ve brought this project to life. It was caused by my infinite love to people and country


Andy Hollmann – Finances, teacher advanced training,sponsorship’s management on site


My name is Andreas Hollmann. I am a special education teacher  in Füssen / Germany and I am involved in the Sherpa school in Bamti-Bhandar since 2000 .
Beside the activity as a treasurer my main focus is the teacher’s advanced training on site. It is important to me to wake up joy for the mediation of learning contents. My vision is to indicate new ways for lessons which are based  on   the didactics of Maria Montessoris.
During several stays on site I was glad about the kind and very  interested students.
I was fascinated of the engagement they do visit  school and give their best in spite of the general poverty.


Gaby Drüppel – Projekt Management


I am Therapist for motor activities  and therapeutic puppet theater in the “Centre for Disabled Persons” in Wurzburg. I am working for many years in the therapy department with  multiple-handicapped children and youngsters.
In the project I am responsible for the concerns of the handicapped children, the instructions of the parents and the aid care from Germany.


Helmut Greß – Public relations and photo documentation, picture presentation



I am a retired special schoolteacher. I have been engaged at the “Centre for disabled Persons” in Würzburg for 25 years. I put still my main emphasis to sport for handicapped students. I developed a special coaching with small steps teaching the different sequences of movement, especially in rowing and climbing.

My field of activity in the project encloses the photo documentation, public relations and representation, including lectures.



Uta Henk – public relations and finances


Since the beginning of the project I do support the project and the team with interest and engagement.
My major task consists in observing the development of the financial situation. I take care that the finances entrusted to us are used in the right way. So that the continuance of our school is secured in the long run.


Petra Maiwald – public relations

Petra Maiwald


I am a physiotherapist at a school for handicapped children in Wurzburg. After a lecture about the Sherpa school in 2001 I became immediately enthusiastic about this project. Since then I produce day wage and cards with word of thanks.  I do support the team in public relations and representation.
A visit in Bamti has been an impressive experience.  I get to know the Nepalese schoolboys and employees.  I pitch in  my professional knowledge with the care of children.
We are sorry that we could not perform all volunteers. However, we would like to thank to all of them  for their comitted support.