Health – an important Focus of our Work


The health situation of children in Nepal is still very difficult

In the highlands children die commonly of colds and diarrhea under the age of 5 years. There is no doctor in the achievable nearby.

Hygienic actions are a very important aspect in our project:

– Clean drinking water by an own well

– All children have to clean their hands before lunch

– Flush toilets for school buildings as well as for the boarding school buildings

– Hot water boiler in the shower house

The children in Nepal are often malnourished. Fruits and vegetables are rarely available for poor families. Tsampa, a porridge is often the only food. Therefore, we do offer daily hot lunch at our school. The base  is rice, about 30 kg to 40 kg per day. Large greenhouses do ensure variety and necessary vitamins during the cold season.

In our dispensary we have drugs and bandages. One of our teacher has made an additional training as “health worker”. A graduate is trained as a nurse in Kathmandu. The training is funded by us. After passing she will work at our school.

A coop was built in 2013 to house the hens and their offspring. The eggs provide protein-rich food that is urgently needed for the students.