History and development in words and figures


A chronological overview


was a year of problems. 230 students visited our school. The focus was the expansion of the workshops. The students have not been exited about this chance. Carpenter and taylor are occupations which are practised in lower casts. Meanwhile, all the students of the upper classes  attend a course in sewing or carpentry. Therefore they get basic craft experiences which are of use for their future.

A particular problem was the supply of drinking water. Our lines have been  tapped repeatedly. However one of the main difficulties is the contamination of the water caused by the animal husbandry.



This year was the focus on care and preservation of existing buildings. It wasn’t so easy to convince the Nepales Team that it is  not only important to expand but also to take care of the already existing buildings and the whole infrastructure. eg. the handling of our school materials and toys, repair of the chimney support, water supply and maintenance of  lighting system.

The building of  greenhouses gave the chance to supply the children as well as the stuff with vitamin-rich food. As well we could offer another training to the students of 4th and 5th grade.

Swarsoti, an orphan, who grew up with us in the project, received a scholarship for nurses training. She agreed to work in our Despansory after passing the exam.



The “Kindermissionswerk Aachen” supported us with € 18,600 for the construction of a new hydroelectric power station. This enables  current  cooking. Especially the huge amounts of rice (20 up to 40 kg a day ) are now cooked in current rice cookers. That reduces the deforestation noticeably.

One of our graduates received a scholarship to be trained as an electrician. He will work after the training at the project. So we will have a “specialist” on site.



The hydroelectric power station has been inaugurated. It  produces up to 10 Kwatt performance.
The heavy monsoon caused many landslides. In our area, many families were affected. We help them with € 5,000.



School was extended up to 4 classrooms. Now school should be extended up to the 10th Class year after year. The second Nepalese graduation will be possible at the sherpa school in school year 2017/2018.

A third greenhouse wa built, to ensure a healthy nutrition of the growing number of students. In addition to that, a large chicken house was constructed. The “Kindermissionswerk Aachen” gave the necessary funds for this purpose. This achievement enables us to cook  a protein-rich diet for our students.



A sponsorship of the Rotarians “Memmingen Allgäuer Tor”  have allowed to tackle the drinking water problem fundamentally. An underground source version and new lines to the project have been completed in April. The new drinking water plant was expanded by a solar hot water system.

Unfortunately  several severe earthquakes  brought a heavy burden to whole Nepal and especially to our project:

4 buildings were so badly damaged that they have to be dismantled and rebuilt. This concerns the school buiuldings, the boys boarding school, the supply building and the house of our headmaster.

All other buildings need to be renovated. School was closed from May 12th to August 8th. Tents have been built up to continue the lessons. The rebuilding can be started earliest in fall.