Nepalese Team

The Nepalese Team – a profound cooperation between Nepal and Germany



We din’t want to build a ship, but giving a chance to the children belonging to the poorest of the world.  A chance for education and health. The “Nepal Children’s Organisation Help Nepal” and we, the “Children’s Aid Nepal / India”  have dreamed together to realize this idea.

The common vision and the really good cooperation have made it possible to line up such a large and comprehensive project like the Sherpa school Bamti Bhandar. Even of all crisis and difficulties.  Many people in Nepal and Germany have contributed this success.


The Nepali “Organisation Children’s Help Nepal”

Ang Tsering Lama director and founder of the organisation has been  Minister of Agriculture in Nepal. He still  is the official representative of the Sherpas in many important decisions of the country. Originally the family came from Tibet, the country of origin of the Sherpas.  Ang Tsering has provided his parents’ house and the necessary land for the construction of the project free of charge. It is situated in Sotarum, Bamti Bhandar in the district Ramechap. Ang Tsering and his wife Ang Kandi are always on site and manage the project. Since both enjoy great confidence among the population, they are able to influence the work in the fields of education, health, drinking water, child prostitution and much more.

Ang Kandi is the heart of the entire project. She knows every child and she is often requested because of her wise decisions. One of the sons of Ang Tsering, Ang Nuri Lama, works full time in the project with his wife Lakpa. He organises and decides  the admission of new children and manages the cost of salaries, construction, food, etc. He is the leading person of the project on-site.

The team consists also of about 25 employees eg. the teachers college, a carpenter, cooks, seamstresses, gardeners and others+. Of course they have a great contribution at  the work in Sherpa School Bamti Bhandar. Without them all the infrastructure wouldn’t work out. We are very thankful and glad to appreciate and participate of their spirit and their dedicated attitude. The power they start to rebuild the damaged buildings, the already made architect’s plans for the reconstruction and the interim arrangement for school prove their deep faith. It’s a result of their deep connection to their roots and their own even religious culture.