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SPK Mainfranken Würzburg
IBAN: DE95 7905 0000 0043 3148 48

A donation  up to € 50  can be proved with the bank receipt for the tax recognition in relation to the tax laws of the country or the concerning local tax office. Donations over € 50  will be confirmed  automatically by us with a officially recognition by the tax office tax receipt. Please indicate your name and address. This rule is first of all true for the German Tax Office. For donators of foreign countries we generally will send a contribution receipt by e-mail or mail.


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I would like to take on a sponsorship for a children of Sherpa School Bamti Bhandar:

annual: € 384,00 monthly.: € 32,00

I would like to support the project Sherpa School Bamti Bhandar once only and transfer:

€ 25,00

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