The Project


The Project – our guiding Principle


New ways of education for children in Nepal – for a real and hopeful future



We have followed this  way persistent  since 2000. The project proofs that sustainable thinking and action is really necessary in order to succeed with this kind of a project. We stand for the team and the project manager on site in Nepal. Our decisions are based always on what is possible or not , but especially on the need. Luxury does not mean to possess everything but luxury also means to get the chance of education. As well as to find living conditions, which make it possible to carry out an age-appropriate life. But we must never forget to appreciate, what we have reached already and proceed with calm and patience in order to achieve other goals.  The people of Nepal have internalized this philosophy.

Thanks to all who support us in every possible way. We are happy and very proud to accelerate this project for more than  10 years. That enables us  to give an example to the people in the region:
You can positively change or influence the fate with patience, sustainability and the support of many people.

How we do achieve our goals?

Through sponsorships for childrens of poor families

adequate nutrition
primary health care
Preparation for professional life
Protection from violence and exploitation
special care in crisis situations
giving a home
We are looking forward to your support, your touch, your interest. We are always happy to answer your questions!